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The foundations of finance are shifting.

Changing customer expectations, powered by new technologies, are transforming the way customers engage with their finances, fuelling a rise in competition, and changing how new and existing financial services organisations can create value.

Yet many organisations suffer from legacy IT, a lack of internal capabilities, or an outdated organisational culture which act as a barrier to adapting to this changing environment quickly.

What will the landscape look like tomorrow?

For the last decade, TAB has had a singular focus: building innovative, market-changing products that enable our clients to break ahead of the competition.


how can we help you move faster?

define strategy

Define your digital strategy
Setting an ambitious direction for your proposition, embedding the technical capability required to deliver it and help map a practical pathway for success.

launch new proposition

Launch a brand new proposition
Helping you identify the opportunity, guiding technology decisions, building organisational capabilities – and ultimately delivering a new proposition into the market.

accelerate product delivery

Accelerate your product delivery
Unlocking value to design and build, helping you deliver high-quality products faster.



How do you overcome the organisational and technical challenges of building the Insurer of the Future?


The insurer of tomorrow serves a world very different to the one the insurer of today was built for. Changing customer expectations, new use cases, technologies and regulations are fundamentally transforming the landscape of Insurance.

Our latest whitepaper explores what the changing landscape means for the propositions, customer experience and operational capabilities for incumbents or insurtechs as well as how to overcome the organisational and technological challenges of getting there.  

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OUR work in financial services


Accelerating mobile innovation at ING

Harnessing regulatory changes from PSD2, TAB collaborated with ING to create Yolt: Awarded the ‘Excellence in Innovation’ award at the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards’18. Yolt is an exciting mobile product that helps customers reclaim control of their finances.


Helping RBS embrace the future

Through a long-term partnership TAB has helped RBS on a programme of work including the creation of back-end microservices, building a business banking app, embedding ways of working across the organisation and prototyping innovative future banking services.


Building a SME proposition for Fintech disruptor, Allica

Starting with a deep technical and product discovery, TAB played a key role in assessing and identifying the right technical third-parties and approach. We are now leading the front on the mobile product development to help Allica build a business bank.


Establishing a vision for Investec’s digital future

An early adopter of mobile banking, Investec turned to TAB to help them rapidly envision the next evolution of their digital offering, capitalising on the opportunity presented by regulatory changes in international private banking.


Helping Country Financial engage with families

Supported by our global Kin + Carta team, Country was able to release ChorePal an interactive, family-focused app powered by Amazon Web Services that helps kids save, spend, or share their money while establishing good goal-setting habits at an early age.


Establishing Visa’s role in a post-plastic world

Burdened with legacy IT and heavy regulation, we helped Visa strategise how their services fit within a post-plastic world and how best to help their business customers (banks and merchants) adapt to the disruptive change heralded by Open Banking and PSD2.




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Shortly after Apple’s announcement of the new Apple Card, we pulled together TAB’s opinion on the card, and what this will mean for the future of fintechs and payment ecosystems.

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This whitepaper, informed by the views of 1400 UK banking customers, explores how organisations can rethink the mobile opportunity for retail banks as they navigate challenging regulatory changes.

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